Service and savings: Shared truckload delivers on both.

Flock’s shared truckload solution maximizes your savings potential for 5-18 pallet shipments by optimizing your freight on direct, efficient routes.

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Why is shared truckload better  ↓

Why is shared truckload better?

Flock Freight® is the only provider in the industry offering you shared truckload—saving you money by sharing space on hubless routes with our premium FlockDirect® service for less damage, less fees, and more predictable deliveries. Drive up profit while driving down effort.


Avoid hidden costs.

With shared truckload, you’ll never see last-minute charges or LTL corrections. Built on honesty and trust, Flock cares about your bottom line.


Track shipments in real-time.

Enhance your STL freight’s visibility while improving your accountability with instant pickup and delivery time change notifications—sent right to your inbox.


Incur 8.7x less damage.

Avoid the high risk of damage common with standard LTL shipping. Less damage on goods, less damage on profit.


Slash carbon emissions.

Shared truckload is the most sustainable way to ship. Efficient routes reduce greenhouse emissions up to 40%, and Flock’s algorithm allows freight to pool at scale.

Hear from our customers.

“In December [2020], FlockDirect’s on-time percentage was 97%, compared to that of LTL, which was only 83%.”

Tyler Wright
Waiākea Water

“We’ve dealt with many LTL costs. Whether we’re hit with accessorials or hidden fees, LTL has created headache after headache for us … Flock Freight found us at the right time and place. As we did more research, the company’s shared truckload service seemed to have an answer to many of the issues we were facing.”

Todd Birman
Berlin Packaging

“We have eliminated our damage claims with FlockDirect. Wish we could’ve started sooner.”

Eric Wollasten
Titan Supply Group


What does STL mean in freight?

STL stands for Shared Truckload in freight shipping. It refers to the practice of combining multiple shipments from different customers into a single truckload, optimizing efficiency on hubless routes.

What is shared truckload?

Shared truckload (STL) is a freight shipping solution where multiple shippers share space in a single truck. It offers cost savings by dividing transportation expenses among customers while providing faster transit times compared to traditional less-than-truckload (LTL) options.

What is shared freight?

Shared freight refers to the practice of combining multiple shipments from different shippers into a single dry van load. It optimizes efficiency for the environment, reduces costs for shippers, and maximizes the utilization of available cargo space for carriers.

What is the difference between STL and LTL?

STL (Shared Truckload) combines multiple shipments from different customers into a single truck, while LTL (Less-than-Truckload) consolidates smaller shipments from various customers. STL offers faster transit times and less risk of damage, while LTL is suitable for smaller quantities and lower upfront costs.

Discover the difference of shared freight shipping.

See why shared truckload’s cost-efficiency will transform your freight shipping operation for the better.

Need a different mode for your load?

Explore Flock Freight’s unique shipping mode options to find the best fit for your freight.

Reimagine truckload shipping.

Our Instant Prebate program for TL freight ensures you only pay for the space you use—not the air floating around your freight. Ship TL when you need to, and STL when you don’t.

Rethink traditional LTL shipping.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing all of your Flock Freight LTL shipments are eligible—at no hidden costs—for hassle-free upgrades to our 99.8% damage-free shared truckload service.