Cut your freight costs by 20%.

Ship with the only provider that pools freight shipments and skip terminals—for a smarter truckload and LTL alternative. 

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Flock Freight - Shipping and Hauling

Cut costs by 20%.

If it’s not full, it’s not full price. Save up to 20% when you “carpool” your freight in a shared truckload instead of paying for air in an unfilled trailer.

Deliver on time 30% more often.

By traveling on optimized, terminal-free routes, shared truckloads arrive faster and on time 30% more often than LTL.

Incur 5.7x less damage.

Shared truckloads incur 5.7x less damage than traditional LTL. Less damage on goods, less damage on profit.

Why ship with Flock?

As the world’s only freight option that uses technology to find the empty spaces on trucks, Flock creates terminal-free shared routes that see less damage, more predictable deliveries, and higher cost savings. Driving up profit while driving down effort.


More modes, more options.

Partner with the only provider that matches you to carriers who move truckload and LTL, plus shared truckloads for your in-between sized freight.


Tech that works for you.

Book online in minutes on Flock’s platform or integrate your TMS for fast truckload, LTL and shared truckload tendering.


Assistance when you need it.

Get reliable support from a representative on everything—from quoting to tracking.

“Avoiding hubs and delivering on time helps us provide a better quality of service to our clients. We’re winning more business because of Flock Freight.”

Rob Vespa
President, Walkboard Express

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