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With traditional shipping modes, large quantities of freight move via TL and small quantities move with LTL. Flock Freight dispels the notion that freight is predestined for one mode over another. While shippers can book TL and LTL with Flock Freight, they gain the option of shared truckload via our FlockDirect®️ service, which delivers goods faster, significantly reduces damage, and creates a carbon neutral shipping experience.

Learn the basics of shared truckload in just two minutes with this video.

We service freight of all shapes and sizes

Why Flock Freight?

We give you options. For your time-sensitive, fragile freight you can book shared truckload for reliable delivery. For shipments up to six pallets or 12 linear feet, we have traditional LTL options available.



Only Flock Freight can move your partials and LTL freight on direct routes that avoid processing facilities, significantly reducing your risk of incurring damages and delays.


Our proprietary algorithms optimize your route, and we have the technical expertise to integrate with your systems, making shipping easier and more cost-effective for your business.


With the Flock Platform, you'll have the opportunity to choose from multiple fulfillment options. Plus our dedication to transparency means you'll never get hit with accessorial fees.

Ryan Wuerz

Dollar Shave Club Fulfillment & Logistics Manager

“Flock Freight’s customer service is superb. They go above and beyond, responding very rapidly when we have issues with our freight — even after hours. You can’t get that with other carriers. Plus, Flock Freight’s quarterly business reports show us numbers that no other carrier can.”