Why does Flock Freight ask for pickup flexibility?

More pickup flexibility allows us to route your shipment more efficiently, which means your rates will be lower when you select 1 or 2 day flexible pickup options.

Why should I choose a flexible pickup option?

If you are able to hold your freight for 1 or 2 days past it’s ready date, consider choosing flexible pickup options. When you select flexible pickup you will receive lower rates with the more flexibility you give us.

How does flexible pickup affect my shipment’s estimated delivery?
  • 1 day pickup flexibility will extend your estimated delivery date range by 1 day.
  • 2 day pickup flexibility will extend your estimated delivery date range by 2 days.
Am I able to quote for pickup on a future date if I have advance notice about when my freight is ready to ship?

Yes! If you have advance notice about when your freight is ready to ship, just quote in the Flock Platform with your desired future ready date. Based on this ready date you can choose an additional 1 or 2 day flexibility to see even lower rates.

The further in advance you can book your shipment, the lower the rates.

Am I still able to request pickup on a specific date if I have pickup constraints?

Please only request pickup on a date where somebody is able to load your freight. If you have constraints on the pickup date you requested, please let us know beforehand.

I already ordered with a specific ready date, but my freight was unexpectedly held up. What should I do?

Please contact your account manager and let them know about this delay so we can adjust your shipment accordingly.