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Flock Freight offers an easy, efficient, and affordable option for shipping freight through less than truckload shipping. Our goal is to change the LTL freight shipping industry for small- and medium-sized businesses surviving in the modern world.

Through Flock Freight, the freight shipping pros, you can ship your freight from Philadelphia at the lowest available shipping rates without sacrificing the quality of service. Read on to learn more about LTL freight and how Flock Freight can help you with shipping from Philadelphia, PA to ensure the transportation of your goods from point A to B safely!

What is LTL Freight?

Less than truckload shipping refers to shipping goods that take up less than the full capacity of a trailer. This method is generally reserved for shipments that are too large for parcel shipments but too small for full truckload shipping. LTL shipping is best for shipments that weigh more than 150 pounds but less than 15,000 pounds.

LTL freight shipping operates on a hub and spoke model where the spokes are the local terminals that connect to the central hub, or distribution centers. Trucks pick up freight from the local terminals and transport it to the distribution centers. At the distribution centers, the freight is delivered or consolidated into other trucks to proceed to its destination. This is different from full truckload shipments, which usually operate on a more direct path with fewer stops.

Why Should You Ship Through LTL Freight?

LTL shipping is intended for small- to medium-sized businesses that need to ship their goods but do not have the same quantity as larger business and big box stores. LTL shipping is much more cost effective. Carriers consolidate goods from several shippers into one trailer, and shippers only pay for the portion of trailer that they are using. This allows carriers to fill their trucks to capacity to maintain efficiency and gives shippers lower shipping rates as the costs are split among all the businesses.

LTL freight companies in Philadelphia and other states also tend to offer greater options and shipping services, including:

  • Expedited shipping
  • Liftgates (used for freight heavier than 100 pounds and when the receiving location does not have a shipping dock)
  • Inside pickup and delivery (for shipments that require the carrier to enter the building to load or deliver freight)

Most LTL carriers also offer tracking and notification services so that you know exactly where your shipment is in Philadelphia.

Flock Freight is your go-to service for LTL shipping to and from Philadelphia. Unlike other shipping companies in Philadelphia, we have modernized the shipping experience through cutting edge technologies and strategies to streamline sourcing and routing. We have combined the buying power of thousands of businesses and passed the savings on to our customers, ensuring that you only get the lowest shipping rates while minimizing loss and damage. If you have questions about shipping or want a free LTL freight quote, please contact us today about shipping from Philadelphia to California and many other states in the United States.

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