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Why reduce emissions when you could eliminate them altogether?

How a carbon neutral company, Waiākea Water, is dodging obstacles and achieving numerous business objectives with a single freight solution

Meet Waiākea Water

Waiākea Water is the world’s first Hawaiian volcanic water and represents a global brand that’s creating positive, meaningful change. With headquarters in Hilo, Hawaii, Waiākea Water bases its values on the surrounding culture and prioritizes giving back to the local community.

Founder and CEO of Waiākea Water Ryan Emmons launched the business in 2012 after recognizing a gap in the beverage and greater consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry for a premium water company that focuses on philanthropy, health, and sustainability. Waiākea Water is the only premium water company in the United States that’s using these values to drive industrywide change from the inside out.

Waiākea Water sees itself as a leader in corporate social responsibility and hopes to be an example for other companies. “Better to light a candle than curse the darkness,” Waiākea Water’s website reads.

Waiākea Water’s corporate mission: to provide naturally healthy, delicious, Hawaiian volcanic water with the blessing of the indigenous Kupuna and Konohiki, while contributing to and promoting clean water access, conservation, and education for people in need in Hawai’i and throughout the world.

Tap into nature

Get inspired by a brand that gives back

Waiākea Water’s dedication to people in Hilo and around the world is impressive. Here are a couple of the company’s most impactful initiatives:

    • Pump Aid: Waiākea Water partners with Pump Aid to improve water accessibility and sanitation for people in Malawi, Africa. For every purchased liter of Waiākea Water, the company donates one week of clean water to people in disadvantaged communities around the globe through Pump Aid.
    • Kōkua Initiative: Waiākea Water devotes a percentage of company revenue to this program, which focuses on giving back to the Hilo community. In the past year, Waiākea Water used the Kōkua Initiative to support local communities that faced hardship due to COVID-19. The company donated water, relief funds, sanitizer, and many more essential supplies to over 35 organizations in 2020.

Waiākea Water’s theme for 2021 philanthropic initiatives is “ʻAʻohe hana nui ke alu ʻia” (or “No task is too big when done together by all”). Waiākea Water will draw inspiration from this theme during collaborations with other organizations this year, knowing that working together lightens the load, unifies people, and strengthens relationships.

Leave no trace

An overview of Waiākea Water’s CarbonNeutral® certification

Look for a logistics provider with similar values

To keep carbon emissions at net zero, Waiākea Water applies new technology across all operations, including the company supply chain. Waiākea Water attributes its ability to ship with a net-zero impact to Flock Freight’s carbon neutral service, FlockDirect. But before we describe how Waiākea Water leverages FlockDirect, let’s explain the company’s freight-shipping needs.

Service performance is critical for Waiākea Water because 95% of its freight goes to major retailers with strict on-time, in-full (OTIF) requirements, including mandatory delivery appointments. Additionally, Waiākea Water’s freight is dense (because the company ships water), which impacts transportation needs. Read on to learn why Waiākea Water started a partnership with Flock Freight.

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Flock Freight is the first logistics provider to give Waiākea Water the chance to ship partials efficiently and sustainably. The water brand books FlockDirect shipping in the Flock Platform and over email. The company moved almost 75% of its Flock Freight shipments via FlockDirect in fourth quarter 2020.

As Waiākea Water’s business expands in 2021, the company plans to continue its partnership with Flock Freight to realize optimal outcomes within its supply chain.

“Working with Flock Freight has been an awesome experience from the start. We have increased efficiency and reduced carbon emissions by 28% with FlockDirect.”

— Quotes from Tyler Wright, Logistics and Operations Manager at Waiākea Water

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