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100+ Shipments, 100% Damage Free

How a flooring importer is eliminating damage, saving time, and taking control over their LTL freight by pooling their shipments with FlockDirect.

Who is Titan Supply Group?

Titan Supply Group is an importer of high-quality laminate flooring, operating out of the Pacific Northwest. Titan Supply offers a variety of floor coverings that have the look and feel of wood and tile flooring, but offer the functionality and cost-effectiveness of laminate material. All of Titan Supply’s products are imported overseas, stored in warehouses, and sent to flooring retailers across the United States. Chances are—you’ve stepped foot on product imported by Titan Supply Group.

As an importer leveraging complicated intermodal transit to move their product and operate their business, time is of the essence. Warehouses operate on stringent schedules, customers have strict delivery requirements, and international freight requires detailed planning. The last leg of the journey, shipping from warehouse to client, must be executed flawlessly to operate effectively and maintain a positive reputation. This is where Flock Freight enters the field.

Damaged Freight, Damaged Reputation

The Flock Freight Difference

Titan Supply was referred to Flock Freight by a customer mentioning the impeccable service of hubless LTL shipping with FlockDirect. Hubless service means a shipment does not move through the hub-and-spoke network of warehouses and freight consolidators, and instead only loads once at its origin and unloads once at its destination. This is how full-truckload (TL) freight moves, but it required purchasing an entire truck to do so—until now.

“How do you want to represent your first load to a new customer? You don’t damage it.”

By choosing FlockDirect, the only hubless LTL service in the industry, Titan Supply can now ship LTL with confidence. Flock Freight is able to pool Titan Supply’s shipments with others going in the same direction on a full-size semi-truck. Freight moves faster, safer, and easier—and with a 97.5% on-time delivery rate and 99.9% damage-free service. With Flock Freight being the only 3PL that has the technology to enable hubless service for LTL freight, Titan Supply has found their partner. Since shipping FlockDirect, they have eliminated their damage claims for hundreds of shipments, streamlined their logistics operation, and improved their reputation with valued customers.