Fueling growth with Flock Freight

How a health-beverage manufacturer built a better reputation with their distributors and unlocked sales bandwidth by partnering with Flock Freight.

Flexible Pick Up Options
We offer 1-3 days of pickup flexibility, the more flexibility you give us the lower the rate.
On Time Delivery
By consistently delivering their shipments on time, Flock Freight helps avoid hefty late fees from distributers.
Account Manager
We serve as an extension of H2rOse's logistics department.

Who is H2rOse?

H2rOse is a Los Angeles-based beverage company on a mission to re-energize the world by bringing the ancient benefits of rose water and saffron to the modern day. By making hydration healthier and more interesting in their proprietary formula, H2rOse is delivering the rejuvenating health benefits of this powerful drink daily to consumers nationwide.

As a fast-growing brand, H2rOse relies on key distributor and retail partners to deliver products to store shelves around the country, and the company must maintain positive relationships with channel partners for a productive supply chain. One of the main performance metrics that suppliers must adhere to with these channel partners is on-time product delivery to distribution centers.

Missed Shipments & Pricing Pressure

The Flock Freight Difference

When H2rOse began using Flock, they no longer had to worry about weighing these opposing forces. With Flock Flex shipping options, it was easy to balance these factors and meet the needs of both H2rOse and their distributors. Options for two-day and three-day flexibility pricing displayed instantly in the Flock Platform provide seamless transparency during the booking process, which makes for an easier decision-making process.

“One of the best benefits of Flock is their Pickup Flexibility shipping options.”

As H2rOse shaped their partnership with Flock Freight the frustration anchored in an opaque shipping industry began to fade away. Between the Flock Platform, hands-on reps, and tracking emails, the dark days were over. With the easy-to-use online platform and customer-focused representatives, H2rOse had unlocked the power of a logistics team without adding overhead to their operation.

“I have someone who works not just for me, but with me–like an extension of my logistics department.”

Quotes from Interview with Gabe Anzaruth, H2rOse Office Manager

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