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Using Precise Logistics to Deliver a Powerful Product to the Masses

How an organic, sustainable cleaning product manufacturer uses the scheduling precision and speed of FlockDirect to meet stringent distribution center requirements.

Who Is Greenshield Organic?

Founded by a father who noticed the staggering number of unsafe, harmful chemicals in the products he used to care for his family, Greenshield Organic has set out on a mission to bring clean, safe everyday goods to homes across America. Today, Greenshield produces a variety of household cleaners and detergents––all certified organic and sustainably manufactured, even bottled in containers made of sugar cane. 

As more and more families seek out environmentally responsible alternatives to old ways of doing things, Greenshield Organic is rapidly expanding their presence at major retailers across the country. Their product and mission have caught the attention of national grocers and other popular home-goods retailers. Greenshield was founded on the premise that the conventional way of washing clothes and doing dishes had to have a better solution––which is the mindset that also led them to ship with Flock Freight. 

Big Customers & Big Expectations

With a superb product and a company mission that’s easy to rally behind, customers have been extremely receptive to Greenshield Organic’s product offerings and, as a result, have been able to gain shelf space with several major retailers. Being on-boarded as a supplier for a nationally recognized chain is a fantastic business development opportunity, but poses many challenges. Many large retailers require consistent supply and operate logistics under a strict protocol by which vendors must abide.

“Distribution centers always want your freight to arrive at a scheduled time that works for them. I have to request a delivery appointment from my carriers every single time.”

With hundreds of thousands of suppliers selling their product through massive retailers, it becomes necessary for the retailer to orchestrate their logistics with precision and efficiency. This means mandating hefty fines and additional charges if a supplier is unable to meet delivery requirements. For a company that is trying to make their mark and stand the test of growing sales, dependability becomes an absolute necessity.

The Flock Difference