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Building a Logistics Strategy with Flock Freight

How an environmentally-responsible recycled paint manufacturer shipping to government agencies and nonprofits uses the speed of the Flock platform, dedicated account managers, and proactive notifications to optimize freight spend and exceed customer requirements.

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Who Is Visions Quality Coatings?

Visions Paint Coatings is a California-based paint coatings manufacturer with a company mission to protect and preserve the environment by finding sustainable options for recovered materials. Shipping across the United States, Visions’ largest clients include the State of California, Habitat for Humanity, and nationwide distributors. They make products like graffiti removal coating, paint primer, and paint colors––all out of 60% recycled material––that reduce the impact of large jobs undertaken by their clients. Visions also serves the nation in times of need, shipping their product to large-scale rebuilding efforts after natural disasters. 

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When a Logistics Hat Is One of Many

Visions doesn’t rely on a large workforce to manufacture and sell their product. Mandeep Kaur is an Order Manager at Visions Quality Coatings, a title she struggled to formulate after considering all the different kinds of tasks she has at hand. Purchasing and procuring inbound materials as well as coordinating outbound shipments are just a few of the things she is held accountable for, which leaves little time to think about her shipping operation strategically. 

“Visions is a small company where everyone in the organization wears many hats.”

When dealing with government agencies and other nonprofits whose operations depend on the reliability of their suppliers, it’s important that Visions stays on top of their orders to maintain business. Mandeep ensures that everything flows smoothly, but when moving small-medium volume LTL, it’s easy for things to go wrong. Time sensitivity is difficult to abide by, damage is common, and information across multiple orders can be difficult to compile. 

While adhering to a variety of responsibilities and challenges, having a streamlined system of managing logistics becomes imperative to a successful workflow. Running a one-person operation that covers the responsibilities of multiple job functions can leave little headspace to think about a long-term strategy that will foster growth of the business. Once Flock Freight came into the picture, this swiftly improved. 

The Flock Freight Difference

Partnering with Flock Freight unlocks a team of logistics professionals that help you book your shipments and see them through to delivery, using a degree of communication that matches your preferences. Once Mandeep was working alongside Flock Freight, the hassles of wrestling with damage claims, getting quotes for shipments, and keeping track of many different orders were completely streamlined. 

“I never feel like my order is sitting around with no one watching. Email communication is quick and easy, and the entire staff is very professional.”

Time-sensitive shipments and various complicated delivery locations make coordination a difficult feat to tackle solo. Flock Freight takes the time to understand Visions Quality Coating’s business operation to consider details that a busy individual might miss. 

“My Account Manager is very friendly and I’ve never ran a quote feeling like I’m doing it alone. They help me feel comfortable with my operation. Saves me a lot of time when pickup details might not be correct.”

As Visions continues to build rapport with other government agencies outside of California, service can make or break a partnership. Initially using Flock Freight to move Standard LTL, Mandeep has begun to see the value in moving freight hubless with FlockDirect. Many of Visions’ time-sensitive orders have strict, tricky delivery requirements that leave little room for error. When moving FlockDirect, Mandeep is at ease knowing her shipments will never be damaged and will always arrive on time. The convenience of working with the Flock Freight team has given Visions Quality Coatings the ability to strategically coordinate their shipments––arranging FlockDirect pools for multiple customers to eliminate damage while saving time and money. 

“When we do use FlockDirect, it’s perfect for us. It’s nice knowing there’s no stopping along the way and that resonated with our executive team.”

Flock Freight is here to modernize your logistics operation and eliminate the complicated nuances of moving freight. Combining an industry-versed team with cutting-edge technology gives Visions Quality Coating the power and control of a large-scale corporate supply chain, while getting the service and attention to detail that a small business requires to grow. 


Quotes from Mandeep Kaur, Order Manager at Visions Quality Coatings

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