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Our B Corp certification: Fueling our journey to create sustainable supply chains

08.06.2020 | By Katherine Stolin | 3 min. read

Joining the B Corp ranks means strengthening our commitment to: Green business practices; community involvement; diversity initiatives; and philanthropic efforts

Flock Freight® is proud to announce our status as a Certified B Corporation, granted by the nonprofit B Lab. 

The B Corp network consists of over 3,000 organizations — including Patagonia and Ben & Jerry’s — that operate in more than 70 countries and across 150 industries. B Corps empower their companies to solve social and sustainability issues, measuring their respective impacts with performance indicators, transitioning to modern management systems, and promising to build better businesses. Unlike traditional corporations, B Corps have a legal obligation to consider the consequences of their choices on all stakeholders. B Lab’s definition of “stakeholders” includes customers, suppliers, employees, the greater community, and the environment.

In alignment with B Corp’s purpose, Flock Freight is using shipping as a force for good. Our mission is to reinvent the United States freight industry by relentlessly eliminating waste and inefficiency. We solve supply chain issues and measure our environmental performance with sustainable practices that benefit shippers, carriers, and the planet in the long term — like our carbon neutral shipping option, FlockDirect™️.

Supply chain sustainability is at the heart of our business model, and the B Corp certification validates our commitment to set a new standard for sustainability efforts within our industry. Our eco-friendly shared truckload solution demonstrates our pledge to eliminate wasted carbon emissions by:

  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions by up to 40%, compared to LTL.
  • Ensuring efficient transit via optimized shipping routes.
  • Saving energy that would otherwise be used to trans-load freight.
  • Erasing the environmental risks of remanufacturing and reshipping damaged goods.
  • Carbon offsetting the climate impact of all FlockDirect shipments.

By moving freight hubless and filling trucks to capacity, our shared truckload service (FlockDirect) removes the need for carbon-intensive terminals and conserves resources that would otherwise be used to transport half-empty trailers. Our advanced technology matches freight from multiple shippers with other loads that are going the same direction and finds one truck to haul them together. This revolutionary shipping method is efficient and affordable, boosting supply chain sustainability in our typically un-green industry.

Additionally, we’ve made the simple choice to make all of our FlockDirect shipments carbon neutral. Every time a shipper books our guaranteed shared truckload service, FlockDirect, at the point of sale, we purchase carbon offsets to bring that shipment’s associated impact to zero. Each carbon neutral shipment fights climate change, helps shippers achieve Net-Zero ambitions, and supports Carbonfund.org’s Truckstop Electrification Project which builds Idleair rest stations across the country. At these locations, drivers can access all of their cab’s electric functions during rest periods without idling their engines, resulting in less CO2 emissions and better sleep for drivers. Contributing to infrastructural change is how Flock Freight offsets with impact.

A little about our sustainability performance: Last year, we shrunk trucking-related greenhouse gas emissions by over 4,335 metric tons. This year, our goal is to increase that figure to 5,000 metric tons. Shared truckload will help us reach our sustainability goals.

As the only certified B Corp freight shipping company, we’re pleased to provide a service that lowers our industry’s carbon footprint and helps sustainability efforts. However, we won’t be satisfied until we’ve done everything we can for our stakeholders, including our:

  • Customers: Shippers who join Flock Freight guarantee that they’re selecting a company that meets the highest level of corporate social responsibility. And when they book shared truckload service, they know that they’re picking the greenest shipping option. 
  • Suppliers: We’re excited to ensure a better future for everyone, especially our trusted carrier partners and suppliers. One of our first action items is to start measuring diversity within our carrier network. We’ll also strive to ensure supplier sustainability.
  • Employees: We prioritize the comprehensive well-being of our entire team and are dedicated to providing competitive benefits, generous time off, stock options, retirement plans, and employer-sponsored perks.
  • Communities: Our staff’s collective mindset that hard work and dedication yield beneficial results extends beyond Flock Freight and drives positive change throughout the industry, fostering respectable supply chain management.

While our stakeholder pledge was a notable part of earning this certification, applying to become a B Corp was a natural next step in our continued commitment to do right by the world. In fact, “Do the right thing” is one of our core values. Our other core values include:

  • “All in”
  • “Empower others”
  • “Think big”
  • “Be agile”

We can’t wait to continue exemplifying these values as we boost our sustainability efforts and our business within the United States. Our B Corp certification is a starting point of our promise to take on more corporate social responsibility. We have a long way to go, but our dedication to do better will help us get there in the end. We’ll keep collecting feedback, propelling our sustainability initiatives, asking ourselves hard questions, and putting in the work to make lasting and meaningful change.

Read our B Corp assessment report to learn more about our environmental impact and sustainability practices. 

Finally, we invite fellow organizations to develop sustainability programs and join the B Corp community. Adhering to a stronger code of conduct makes our world a better place. Together, we can use the power of business to conserve natural resources, establish a more sustainable supply chain, and overcome the most complex obstacles of recent years.

Make your business more sustainable by using carbon neutral FlockDirect in your supply chain.