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Meet the Flockers: Paul Ngo on making data impactful

11.30.2021 | By Melina Fairleigh | 3 min. read

Flock Freight Data Analyst Paul Ngo shares insight about his career transition, impact-driven role, and more

Paul Ngo (he/him) brings his analytical skills to projects that involve virtually all Flock Freight® stakeholders. In short, he makes data meaningful for everyone involved. When he’s not digging into data sets, Paul enjoys exploring greater San Diego, the home of our company headquarters.

To give you a peek into what life at Flock Freight could look like for you, we talked to Paul about his role, bonding with his team, and the impact he’s made since joining the Flock.

Briefly describe your role as a data analyst.

Paul: My role as a data analyst involves pulling data together and making sense of it all by organizing it and creating visuals — or applying statistics to the data — to give stakeholders an objective look at Flock Freight. With our business, there’s so much going on, and unless you have the data, you’re only relying on your firsthand experience or what you’re hearing about. The data gives you an objective source of truth into what’s actually happening.

What is the Analytics team’s role within Flock Freight? 

Paul: On a day-to-day basis, our team creates and manages SQL-based reports that provide insights on different aspects of our company. That includes metrics on things like how much revenue the customer sales teams are bringing in, how many loads the carrier sales teams are covering, and how automated our processes are. We examine our company’s pooling performance, too — how often we’re able to pool shipments via our proprietary service, FlockDirect™️. 

In addition, the Analytics team also builds models to help gauge what to expect in the near future, as well as other tools to help improve new and existing workflows. 

What initially got you to join Flock Freight? 

Paul: I was previously a project engineer at an aerospace/defense company, where I got to work on a lot of cool technology. What sparked my interest in data science was working with a lot of data in that engineering role. Focusing on data in my day to day piqued my interest.

I stumbled upon Flock Freight when I began searching for opportunities in data analytics. I was fascinated by what the company was doing and I applied for an associate data analyst role — now I’m here! 

It was certainly a career change, and the industry is quite different from what I’m used to. My role here has been very rewarding and I’m able to make an impact almost daily. The aerospace and defense technology I previously worked with was cool, but the development cycles were often long, with lots of red tape, though for good reason. 

Being at Flock Freight, we’re able to iterate quickly, be agile, and have a new release — on the product side, at least — every week. We also work on a weekly schedule and typically churn out new reports and analyses at a weekly cadence. The fast-paced environment has been a nice change.

You were recently promoted — congratulations! How did you do it?

Paul: When I first started back in March 2021, I underwent a career transition. I wanted to prove that I was a good fit for this role. I worked towards that goal, and my boss recognized that. My team in general is great at recognizing those achievements and the individual impact we’re making, so that’s been helpful for me. It’s rewarding to know that they saw my efforts and decided to promote me to my current role. 

What does the Analytics team do for fun outside of work? 

Paul: We often go out for a beer or dinner after work, especially when our teammates from out of town visit. One of our team members started a board game lunch event once a week, so that’s been a fun activity for us. Additionally, our boss is trying to set up a group run for us, which is a team-bonding event we’re excited about. 

Do you participate in any of Flock Freight’s social activities or programs? 

Paul: Outside of our Analytics team, I participate in our company’s Freight Mates program, where Flock Freight pairs current employees like myself with new Flockers to help them get acclimated to our team and company culture. It’s fun giving new employees a taste of what San Diego and Flock Freight are all about.

What’s your greatest personal memory of working at Flock Freight? 

Paul: I’ve personally enjoyed reaching technical achievements and then seeing their impact almost immediately. For instance, a major project I took on was overhauling our markets and how we classify them on a tiered basis. Through that project, I was able to directly impact our pricing strategy. 

On the non-technical side, coming into our Encinitas office regularly, feeling everyone’s energy, and collaborating with so many different internal teams has been great. Seeing our leadership speak at our All Hands meetings excites me and energizes me to keep doing better.

Paul and his girlfriend sit at a table, wearing party hats. His girlfriend holds a small white dog, who's also wearing a hat. A small cake sits on a pink plate in front of them

Paul and his girlfriend threw their maltipoo dachshund, Zedd, a birthday party, complete with cake


What’s been your experience working and living in San Diego?

Paul: I grew up in Los Angeles and moved out here to attend UC San Diego. I’ve been here ever since, and haven’t had any reason to leave. 

I think of San Diego as a more laid-back LA without the traffic. I love it here because you have easy access to the beach and a bunch of different cuisines and cultures. If you enjoy nature, there are all sorts of hikes you can go on. Any type of activity you want to do is probably just a drive away if you live in San Diego.

Paul and his girlfriend stand in an airborne hot air balloon

Paul and his girlfriend got a bird’s-eye view of Del Mar in a recent hot air balloon ride


Where would we find you on a typical Saturday afternoon? 

Paul: I often take daytrips to LA to visit my family. When I’m in town, I explore San Diego with my girlfriend and my dog, a maltipoo dachshund. The three of us have recently been trying to do local, dog-friendly happy hours every other week. You can also find me relaxing at home, playing video games, or out with my friends playing basketball.

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