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Platform Updates For Faster Quotes & More Savings

2 May 2023


Flock Freight, Shippers

We’ve been redesigning the Flock platform so it’s even easier for shippers to find the most efficient, cost-effective ways to ship their freight. 

This month’s update covers the first of many exciting new and revamped features, including:

  • fast, accurate rates + options to ship more efficiently
  • a money-saving tip to easily lower your costs 
  • platform video + user guide resources


Find the best rates, faster with upgraded quoting.

Get new quotes on the Flock Freight platform

Our redesigned quoting workflow – with both Quick and Guided options – creates a simpler experience to quickly get you accurate quotes for your shipments.

Perfect for more experienced shippers, the Quick version shows all fields at once.

New to quoting or just want a little more help? The Guided version walks you through getting a quote step by step.

With whichever experience you choose, you’ll simply enter a few details about your shipment, and then receive instant rates for the best ways to ship on your route – including our cost-saving FlockDirect® service. 

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Save $ with flexible dates.

FlockDirect rates in Flock Platform

After entering shipment details and requesting your quote, you’ll instantly see pricing options for the best ways to ship your goods.

Depending on what you’re shipping and how much space it takes on the truck, you’ll be shown rates for one or more modes that work best for that particular shipment.

Got a little wiggle room in your delivery window? Select a flexible pickup date to cut your shipment costs. The more flexible you can be, the more you can save. It’s still our same reliable service, just with a little less hit to your profit.

From there, enter in the remaining shipment details and confirm your order directly in the platform.

As always, you can log in at any time to see your shipment’s status or to share a tracking link with your customers or other third parties.

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Ship easier with more updates & resources.

Over the next few months, we’ll be adding new platform features that help you more easily ship and track your freight.

In the meantime, ship as efficiently as possible with a little help from our:

NEW! Platform demo video.

Get a guided tour through the platform from the head of Flock’s product team.

Ready to get better rates, faster?

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