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Celebrating women in logistics

5 March 2022



Flock Freight is celebrating Women’s History Month by recognizing female ambition across our industry.

At Flock Freight®, we work to alter the status quo of supply chains and facilitate growth in areas ripe for change. 

Supporting and promoting women is part of our approach to enabling inclusion, diversity and equity in our workplace and industry. We believe in creating an environment where we recognize and reward females for their creativity, drive and dedication to changing the way freight moves. 

Today, women comprise nearly half of the United States workforce and are demonstrating a growing presence within logistics. In 2021, women made up 39% of supply chain personnel  — rising to 41% in 2022. From truckers to fleet managers, women are claiming the driver’s seat of traditionally male-dominated roles across the nation. 

To recognize the major impact women are making within our industry, we asked female Flockers and carriers to share their perspectives on life at Flock Freight and in a male-dominated space. Here’s what they had to say:

Lexi Burris-Duncan, Account Manager at Flock Freight

“When you’re a woman who wants to have a successful career, you’re scared of becoming pregnant, let alone announcing it. You don’t want your team to count you out of work. In the past, my employers have said, ‘We don’t want to give her too much work. She’ll be gone, and who knows how much time she’ll need off for the baby.’ Men don’t have that problem; if anything, they get offered more work. Employers will tell men, ‘You have a baby on the way; you need to provide for them.’

To my surprise, when I told Flock Freight I was expecting, they didn’t treat me differently. Instead, they gave me the responsibility I asked for. When I needed time off after I miscarried, I wanted to get back to work as quickly as possible. I was scared my team would think I was too weak to handle any responsibility. Thankfully, they believed in me. 

In the end, I had to take time for myself, and Flock Freight made it clear they would hold my accounts down until I was ready to come back. They even offered me help with an Employee Assistance Program, therapy and a leave of absence. The hardest part of my life has been the best part of my experience at this company. Flock Freight makes it okay to be vulnerable and to be a woman.”

Bella Navarro, People Development Coordinator at Flock Freight

“My time at Flock Freight has been an awesome ride. It’s been super empowering to know that I have higher-ups who trust my ability to grow and be successful in taking on several different roles. The company is extremely supportive and has allowed me to collaborate with many departments that have sparked my interest. I was nervous about becoming a first-time mom during the pandemic, but the company supported me and made me feel like I belonged. I’m truly blessed to have an awesome team that empowers me and allows me to be my most authentic self.”  

Court Sigmon, Graphic Designer at Flock Freight

“From the moment I joined Flock Freight’s Marketing Team, I felt right at home. My team — made up of mostly women — trusts my creative process and constantly pushes me to think bigger and apply my talents in different ways. I feel like the work I do is seen and makes an impact, not only on our company but on the many people who interact with it. As a woman at Flock Freight, the sky’s the limit.” 

Daiquiona Beavers, Beavers Freight and Trucking LLC

“To be a woman in the trucking industry, you have to be very resilient. I get double takes from men because they’re shocked to see a woman owning and operating her own trucking business. I do this for my daughters; I want them to know as women (and especially women of color), you can do anything. My goals are to prepare opportunities for other women who may think they can’t do it and be an inspiration to those who want to start.”

Briesa McClain, King Genesis Transportation

“I move freight where I was born and raised, the beautiful sunshine state of California, by providing the perfect combination of integrity, knowledge, solutions, and a dedicated team that gets it done! Now more than ever, people want trusted and reliable carriers. I am known for fighting for what’s right in all aspects of my life, including for my clients, brokers, and community.”

Lisa Beale, Rich City Hauling LLC

“In this world, there’s no force equal to the strength of a woman determined to rise.”