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Platform Updates to Instantly Refill Trucks & Inform Drivers

21 June 2023



As we move into summer, the competition to secure high-paying freight is heating up. 

Flock recognizes the importance of reducing booking and dispatching friction in order to keep your fleet moving and earning.

Earlier this year, we released new features to help with this, and now, we’re excited to introduce new updates to reduce friction further — making booking and dispatching freight even faster and easier.


Reload your trucks without searching.

You should be hauling and earning more, not looking for your next load. 

Back in February, we made it easier to refill your trucks by introducing recommended Reloads – a process in which, after booking the first load, you saw suggested reloads that you could then book.

Our new update simplifies that process even further. While looking at full truckloads, our platform will automatically recommend Reloads – and you can book both loads at the same time.

Showing a reload in Flock

Our platform automatically recommends full truckload Reloads on applicable loads for you to easily book. Here’s how it works:

  • click on the load to view available Reloads
  • add a suggested reload to the first load
  • see a combined rate for the two loads
  • instantly bid or submit a bid to book both loads in a single transaction

Next step in a Flock reload

And, to help protect your revenue and reputation, if the first load is canceled due to the customer, you can cancel the second load with no penalty to your carrier score.

Reload my trucks ↗ 


Send drivers load info without a phone call.

Throughout the past year, we released new tools to help you eliminate check calls by dispatching through our platform. 

Now, say goodbye to phone calls with drivers seeking load information by sending all load details to your drivers with one shareable link.

After assigning a driver during dispatch, simply: 

  • copy the link to the load details
  • send the link directly to the assigned driver
  • the driver then accesses the load info right on their phone

Sending load details with a sharable link means:

  • minimized phone calls – and miscommunication
  • less interruption to dispatchers’ workflows
  • drivers have all of the information they need right on their phones

Try it now

If you’re a carrier who doesn’t haul with Flock yet, sign up now.