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7 Excellent Resources for Logistics Managers

10.18.2017 | By Justin Turner | 2 min. read

Looking for logistics resources? We picked seven of the best – a combination of websites, blogs, and podcasts. Read, browse, and listen to stay up to date on industry trends, discover innovative ways to streamline your supply chain, and learn about the future of logistics.


  1. Logistics Management
    This site is loaded with educational resources. From the homepage, you can pick your topic of interest; transportation, logistics, technology, or warehouse management. In addition to loads of great information, this site also offers access to breaking news articles, free downloads, and webcasts.
  2. Supply Chain Forum
    Who better to get insights from than people who do what you do, day in and day out? Talk to other transportation, logistics, and warehouse managers. Ask questions, get advice, solve problems, and learn how others handle common challenges.


  1. Logistics Viewpoints
    Founded in 2009 by the ARC Advisory Group, this group uses its 30+ years of logistics research experience to analyze logistics trends and innovations. Their rich variety of blog posts answer pressing industry questions and evaluate what will become the next big thing and what will fizzle out.
  2. Logistics Management Blog
    Managers looking for the latest, albeit slightly opinionated, logistics insights should follow this lively group of industry writers. To give you a taste, in a recent post, Jeff Berman writes that a “myopic approach” to challenges “can often prove to be misguided, but that mindset seems to be spot on when assessing the direction of truckload rates and tightening truckload capacity.”
  3. UPS Longitudes Blog
    Want to get info on the latest shipping and logistics trends from the company that perfected delivery science? Read the UPS blog and get forward-looking, technology-focused insights from industry leaders. Learn about IoT advancements, drones, energy innovations, and much more.


  1. Straight Talk With Supply Chain Insights
    Searching for a fast and easy way to expand your logistics knowledge? Lend an ear to this weekly podcast, which features expert guests who discuss a variety of topics. Each episode is only 10-20 minutes long and covers business continuity to digital transformation and everything in between.
  2. Supply Chain and Logistics Management
    This podcast and its supplemental materials serve as an outstanding training resource for logistics managers who are new to the industry. These podcasts also serve as an excellent refresher on fundamental success pillars for logistics managers who are deeply immersed in the day-to-day grind.

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