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3 Logistics Tech Innovations You Should Know About

10.13.2017 | By Todd LaFond | 2 min. read

The transportation industry, which interconnects every business and consumer around the globe, is a massive market with unique needs. As the industry grows and becomes more complex, shipping companies look for logistics tech innovations to streamline their operations and lower costs. Keep reading to learn about three technologies that will transform the industry and provide more efficient processes.

1.) Wearable Tech Addresses Inefficiencies

Wearable technology may not have caught on in the general public yet, but it’s starting to become a necessary tool in warehouse environments. Warehouse workers are taking advantage of the hands-free benefits offered by voice-controlled headsets, smartwatches, and in some cases, even smart glasses. These devices help workers improve their health, promote safety on the warehouse floor, and increase overall productivity. How, exactly, do they help?

Now that wearable technology has become more affordable, and applications have expanded, many warehouses are incorporating these tools into daily operations. Smartwatches equipped with health and fitness trackers can log worker’s steps as they complete order fulfillment. With this information, warehouse operators can assess and reorganize warehouse shelves for better picking management. Smartwatches are also being used to send information to workers about product orders. This real-time tech tool can ensure more picking accuracy. Meanwhile, voice-controlled headsets allow managers to verbally communicate with workers.

2.) SMS Provides Timely Updates

Short message service (SMS) has been around for years now, but adoption has been slow. However, there are many benefits to using SMS inside the warehouse, on the road, and as a tool to communicate with consumers.

One of SMS’s main advantages is that you can use it to provide real-time updates and alerts to warehouse managers, truck drivers, delivery teams, and end-users. You can send order status updates, shipping notifications, and can inform all parties involved of changes in delivery, such as a delay. SMS can also be used as a customer service or marketing tool, to lower call volume and increase customer engagement.

3.) Drones Offer a World of Possibilities

Most of the exciting talk about drone technologies has involved the possibilities of delivering products to customers no matter where they are located. Yet this technology isn’t just limited to delivery services. Logistics firms can also use drones to evaluate transportation routes.

These drones can record real-time information regarding traffic patterns, work zones and vehicle crashes. With this information, logistics firms can reroute trucks to ensure deliveries reach their destinations on time.

Each day, more and more logistics companies are recognizing the benefits these innovations can bring to their supply chains. Consider using these and other tech tools to increase efficiency, communicate with all parties in your supply chain, and make your logistics company more competitive.

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