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Consulting Program

As a 1099 consultant, you’ll gain access to:


Unlimited potential earnings.


A team of industry professionals with over 150 years of combined experience.


A sales-driven program with a high success rate of closing business.


Flexible schedules and corporate support for your business operations.


New industry knowledge and strong relationships with customers.


Shared truckload: an unmatched, technology-enabled solution to streamline your customers supply chain.

What our 1099 team has to say about working for Flock Freight

Steve Stutts, Independent Sales Consultant

“Flock Freight’s 1099 program allows me to represent a company that delivers a cutting-edge product coupled with superior sales and operational support. The role offers a flexible schedule and rewards individuals for what they are willing to invest.”

Ryan Holland, Independent Sales Consultant

“The Flock Freight 1099 program has really allowed my company to grow in a mode of transportation that I originally didn’t have a big focus on, nor a great outlet for. But I certainly do now, due to the service and technology Flock Freight provides to my customers."

Larry Alhers, Independent Sales Consultant

“Providing my customers with Flock Freight's unique and valuable services has been rewarding. The company’s customer service and open line of communication allow me to give superior support to my customers. The overall experience has given me a way to sell without concerns about service, claims, capacity, or rates!”

Pat Mynsberge, Independent Sales Consultant

“It’s great working and selling for a new company that’s focused on fast growth, balanced with achieving an unsurpassed customer satisfaction experience. Flock Freight is full of motivated people all striving to create a great transportation product through cutting-edge technology and top-notch customer service. Thanks for the opportunity as one of your original 1099 people."

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